SMS Scheduler: Do It Later

Description of SMS Scheduler: Do It Later Have you ever got late to wish birthday to your love one? Have you missed your office important meetings? Did you send e-card and postcards latterly to your beloved? Did you get any reminder for some upcoming special event or occasions? Have you ever missed planned and scheduled meet-ups with your friends?You can even create recurring text messages to serve as reminders to yourself or friends. You do not needs to worry about forget to send someone a special SMS at the appointed time. This application helps you to manage you timer SMS and text spam. It is easy, convenient, accurate, automatic and automator. You just needs to set the number, SMS and the time that you wants to send this SMS.Click the button to send after you enter the number and text bomb. People will get the SMS as an automatic text at the time. You can see the planner scheduler, business SMS, schedule message or any birthday text that you had sent at the history. Long click the item to delete the message if you want everything tobe done on time, this sender app is your lover. Just text message, free e-card, e-care, e-care, postcard and set time, then it will be auto send later perfectly. The app help you not to forget massages sending and call outgoing to your relatives, friends, colleagues or simply wake you up on time. Help your job is done correctly and in full. “SMS Scheduler: Do It Later” is very nice, simple and user-friendly text message scheduler application comes with Material Design. It allows you to create new text messages and specify when to send them. “SMS Scheduler: Do It Later” provides you automatic productivity, templates, scheduler and reminder timer. This app, “SMS Scheduler: Do It Later”will set your for auto text and time it. You can even create recurring text messages to serve as reminders to an individual or groups. It is more flexible and easy to use than any other scheduler application. A simple application to create a schedule for sending SMS messages. For example, if you remember anything at night and night is not convenient to write. Specify the time to send "10.00", and SMSwill be sent at this time. Alternatively, you can note all birthdays and set the sending of congratulations SMS. “SMS Scheduler: Do It Later” is a simple and yet elegant app designed with guidelines in mind to make it super and friendly to everyone staring at or using it! The app enables you to write a text message and schedule it, the rest is for the app to send it automatically while you are busy doing your day-to-day activities! I hope this is a lifesaver app that you need the most! With this app, you will not miss important appointments, wishing someone a happy birthday on time…It can also save as a reminder in some situations.Features:The app comes packed with some cool feature•Flexible scheduling system – you can send SMS once, every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, every hour.•Sent SMS messages are added to the proper conversation threads.• History of sent and delivered messages is available.•Send repeat message (recurring Auto sending of past due messages when the phone is powered back on.•Do not consume battery.•Save sent message to stock SMS app.•Notification & sound on message delivery.•Automatic productivity.•Supported by templates.•Provide you e-card and post card creator as well as MyPostCard.•This app is very helpful for Time It, and for Auto Text.•Beautiful UI: beautiful widgets & swipe-n-delete finger gesture.•Create, update and delete schedule message.•Recipients can be typed in directly or selected from contacts.•Flexible scheduling system – you can send SMS once, every hour, every week etc.

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