Description of SPA SMS The Smart Paging SMS App is a handy tool for healthcare professionals who use the Albireo, Inex500 and Smart Paging concept. The App brings care clients and professional caregivers together allowing them to communicate in an efficient way and to receive and respond to alarm situations via SMS messages.•The Smart Paging App enables staff to see at a glance who triggered the alert, what the situation is and what follow-up is required. •The follow-up action can be realized with one swipe across the screen.•The Smart Paging App displays the alert which has been triggered with all the relevant information, thus allowing your healthcare professional to determine at a glance how to respond. For instance, you can arrange for the client’s name and address to be sent along with the alert, as well as information on the type of alert concerned and the client’s location. In addition, you can arrange for useful information such as information on the patient’s medications to be displayed, as well.•Besides the Smart Paging functionality an SMS Inbox is provided for regular SMS messaging.•The Smart Paging App is primarily geared towards private GSM systems but can also function on the public GSM networkThe App works in combination with the Albireo and Smart Paging concept of Van Breda B.V. To use the Smart Paging App SMS, the App must be registered in the INEX500 software. The license for the use of the app can be purchased from Van Breda B.V. You can contact our sale department at +31575-568100 for more information or to buy the license. This application is not usable for consumers!

Download APK(4.1MB)

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