Blink by Witworks

Description of Blink by Witworks *This app will not work with your BLINK GO fitness band. Install the Blink Fit App to setup your Blink Go*The Blink app helps you pair and sync the Blink Watch with your Android phone. Install and update the latest watch apps, receive notifications, add your fitness preferences and update your Blink Watch with the latest versions of its operating system, Marvin OS. Features:- Scan, pair and setup your Blink Watch with your Android phone- Explore, download and update the latest watch apps from the Watch App store- Add preferences for your favorite Watch Apps like fitness, calendar and more- Enable and sync notifications and contacts from your Phone to the Blink Watch- Find your watch when it goes missing- Check for latest software updates and check out the upcoming features in your Blink Watch

Download APK(31.51MB)

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