USSD services in Algeria

Description of USSD services in Algeria USSD SERVICES is an application that provides easy access to the most recurring services (USSD your balance, recharge, Otlibni, transfer credit …) in mobile operators in Algeria. You are no longer required to learn by heart all the USSD code (* 120 # …..), you just have to launch the application and select the desired service. you can add all your favorite USSD code, even those that needs an input, you can do that by putting your code USSD like that : eg: *133*N*M*C# : in this code you said to the app that you need three text field and the first one go to the place of "N"….). *133*N*M*C# : i need 3 text field. *133*N*M# : i need 2 text field. *133*N# : i need 1 text field.Also for those who intend to come to Algeria , this app facilitate access to services for mobile operators .Keywords: balance, USSD balance, check balance, get balance, USSD services, Algeria,USSD code, Djezzy,mobilis,ooredoo

Download APK(3.76MB)

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