Telephonoid – Caller Informer

Description of Telephonoid – Caller Informer Telephonoid displays a window with such information about phone number during the call:1) type of the number: fixed line, mobile, pager, VoIP and others;2) the carrier (for mobile numbers) by phone code;3) location of the number by phone code;4) time zone and local time by phone code;5) the date/time of the last calls (incoming / outgoing) and the total number;6) the date/time of the last SMS (incoming / outgoing) and the total number;7) a note from the contact corresponding to the number (if any), with the possibility of editing / creating right during the call;In the application interface, you can also receive this information:1) entering the number manually;2) choosing a number from the contact list;3) choosing a number from the call log;4) choosing a number from the SMS list;The database of the application includes more than 120 countries with data on geo units, mobile operators and time zones.

Download APK(5.1MB)

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