Circle of Chords

Description of Circle of Chords —- Two Wheel modes —-The wheel can be visualized in Major or Minor mode.—- ChordWheel (circle of fifths) —– The red rectangle indicates the relative major.- The blue rectangle indicates the root note. It changes when you selects the scale.- The shadow hidden the all chords that are not availables for your selection.- A signature of the scale is showed at the center of wheel.- When the center of wheel is touched the selection are cleaned.—- Transpose —-Easy transposing. You can click on any area of the wheel, and it highlighted the possible chords.—- Scales (modes) —-Available scales:- Ionian (Major)- Aeolian (Minor)- Dorian- Phrygian- Lydian- Mixolydian- Locrian—- Chords —-Many diatonic chords are available. You can press over the chord-results to change.Available chords:- Major- Major 7th- Major 9th- Major 11th- Major 13th- Dominant 7th- Minor- Minor 7th- Minor 9th- Minor 11th- Minor 6th- Sus4- 13- Dim- m7b5—- Three result types —-The chords can be visualized in keyboard or guitar or hybrid mode.—- Customizable guitar views —-The results in guitar mode can be customized.- You can change the guitar-tuning using any templates or selecting the note for each string.- Tuning-templates for guitar, ukelele, violin, viola and banjo are available.- You can select the Left-handed mode to flip horizontally the results.—- Sounds —-The sound of chords can be played when you touch any chord.—- Sharp(#) or Flat(♭) —-You can view the results as sharp or flat or automatic mode.

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