Outlook & Hotmail Email Login

Description of Outlook & Hotmail Email Login Outlook & Hotmail email login to enable sign in to multiple emails at once Outlook & Hotmail Email Login is an all in one email app for android that is designed to help people manage all email accounts at once. The email app for android supports multiple accounts such as hotmail, outlook, yahoomail, exchange, aol, etc. . Outlook & Hotmail email is one of the fastest available email app in the market and helps. It provides a simplified & customizable inbox with the ability to lock app using finger print sensor and it also helps modify notifications Enjoy Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, MS Exchange, IMAP, Alto, iCloud, Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and more all in one application. Main features of the app: Access to multiple email accounts – As mentioned above, Outlook & Hotmail Email Login provides access to multiple email accounts like outlook, hotmail, yahoo and all emails including IMAP & POP3 enabled mailbox. Customized Inbox: Manage your inbox after outlook, hotmail login in the way you would like to manage. Customize it according to your needs Personalization – You can use the unique feature of application to manage and personalize your email accounts from all major accounts. SMS style messaging – The application is designed to help you send email messages in SMS style at the click of a button. Outlook & Hotmail Email Login is designed to serve users with the best UI such that the user wants to stay on the app at all times. In app shopping: We are also about to launch the feature of in app shopping once you are done using the Hotmail & Outlook email login app. Within the app you will be given an option to use the in app messaging service for your emails and account logins. Layout – This app has a unique design & layout and gives you ease of access to all your accounts Email security – Security is one of top priorities and therefore our app uses authentication to sign in to yahoo, hotmail, outlook accounts. Access to data is required directly from microsoft & google websites via the inbuilt browser and this ensures the app keeps your data safe. Disclaimer: The email for Outlook, hotmail & more app is not related to any major brands. If you have any feedback please contact us on codelabsca04@gmail.com.

Download APK(44.52MB)

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