Kings of Maths

Kings of MathsKings of Maths

Description of Kings of Maths King of Maths is a Maths app for Kids and Primary Class students with attractive images and quizzes. In this app Maths Questions These math quizzes are interactive with voice and animations. This app for mathematics is designed to raise the interest in small children and classes one to five children in mathematics. This app has been tested with the children studying in the school and the results have been very good. You can also use it for your children. Main Maths Question Categories: 1. Numbers (counting) 2. Addition 3. Subtraction (subtraction) 4. Multiplication (Multiplication) 5. Division (Part) 6.Geometrical Figures (Geometric Shapes) 7. Money (currency) 8. Time (time measurement) etc. Main Features: 1. Selected Maths Questions by Maths Topics 2. Result saving system 3. Multi Student Adding Facility 4. Voice enforcement and animation 5. Star collecting function This app is created by Famous Educational App Developer.and Teacher Mr. Imran Khan from Alwar Rajasthan You can find more apps of Imran Khan at Google Play Store by searching GKTALK_IMRAN

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