Language Learning with Netflix

Description of Language Learning with Netflix By watching films and programs in the language you’re studying on your own, you can improve your abilities effectively and enjoyably. Thousands of hours of the actual language in context can help you improve your listening comprehension. When you watch videos on the Netflix website after the installation, you will have access to additional language learning capabilities. • Subtitles are displayed in both English and Spanish, allowing you to compare the two languages. • You can listen to subtitles one at a time and vary the playback speed with the extension. • A pop-up dictionary is included, and the extension recommends the most important terms to learn. Additional subtitle translation options and the ability to save words and phrases are available in ‘Pro’ Mode. These will be underlined in the subtitles whenever they appear. Our plugin may be used to learn a variety of languages. To find films and programs in the language you’re learning, go to Our extension is compatible with Google Chrome on Windows and macOS desktop and laptop computers. You’ll need a Netflix subscription that’s up to date.

Download APK(56.99MB)

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