Description of XT Welcome to XT.com, the World’s First Social Infused Exchange! XT.com is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading exchange in Dubai, with a modern design and advanced security features. It is inspired by the digital finance market and uses cutting-edge technology for cryptocurrency trading, deposits, and withdrawals to meet the needs of its global active users. The exchange’s extensive security measures make it a must-have and a go-to platform for everyone looking for the best selection of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, XT.com is a full-service trading platform that supports over 100+ high-quality currencies, 500+ tokens and over 900+ trading pairs. Currency transactions, leveraged trades, OTC transactions, contract transactions, and credit card purchases can be accessed on XT.com. Buy, Trade & Earn Profitably on XT.com With XT.com, you can start a journey of endless possibilities by practically and profitability buying and selling a variety of cryptocurrencies. You can perform peer-to-peer (P2P), over-the-counter (OTC) trading with us and earn high interest while enjoying 0% commission on crypto services such as staking, flexible saving, lending, andborrowing securely and conveniently. Supported Cryptos XT.com intuitively supports a variety of cryptocurrencies and stablecoin alike. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tether, Ethereum Classic, Theta, Litecoin, HEAB, HIGH, BLKC, SSS, SHIELD, TIC, EVCOIN, EWC, CRB, APRIL, and more guaranteed with high ROI. Deposit & Withdrawal Option In order to prepare for trading, the platform allows users to deposit their crypto holdings both before and after coins and tokens are listed. Additionally, XT.com puts the interest of its users first by opening a withdrawal section for everyone after trading. Supported Languages XT.com supports English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Malaysian, and Chinese communities on the website and mobile app. XT NFT – An NFT Platform on XT Smart Chain for Smart NFT Trading XT NFT, the NFT platform of XT.com, is a digital marketplace that enables NFT buyers, sellers, creators, and collectors to trade digital assets at minimal costs compared to the market’s average, on a secure platform. Traders can connect with a large global community at ease with the XT NFT platform’s unique features and exclusive collaborations. Customer support Our customer service support representatives are available 24/7 to provide everyone with a friendly service. For assistance, visit support@xt.com Listing Application: listing@xt.com Business Cooperation: business@xt.com IDO/IGO Application: xtstarter@xt.com

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