Kickstart C

Description of Kickstart C The following application is like a Introduction in the beautiful world of programming. This application goes in the basic stuff of the C Programming which was developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs. The application is it self unique it 10 basics chapters which are further divided into sub-chapters and as per sub chapter they have some real life as well as arithmetic logic programming such as displaying Fibonacci Series.This application not only concentrate on the contextual topics but also it favors having UI as simple as it can be so that it could reach a wide rage of audience. C is it self a wonderful language also it is starting stone of many other programming language such as 'C++' and 'Java' . If your roots as strong in C then it will be easy to get adapt to those languages.The following application is divided into 10 chapters. Problem Definition and Algorithm Fundamentals of C Input Output Control Structures Functions Pointers Arrays Strings Structures FilesHere's a list about few things that you need to know before you get started with this:-> First part of every chapter i.e. introduction briefly explains the concept and second part i.e. examples section is application of those concepts into programs. Thus,ensuring that user is provided with best quality.-> Example section contains questions for the programs at the top of the screen which can also be scrolled.-> We have also provided options for sharing this application.-> At ShunTz, we believe in pleasing the user by all possible means. So we would like to hear from you all. And that's the reason we have provided an option for sending us a personal feedback.-> You can also avail information about us as well as the concerned reference books.-> This App is recommended for beginners to Kickstart C and for experts to refresh their knowledge.WE WILL NOT HOLD OURSELVES RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSE OR ILLEGAL USE OF THIS APP.WE AIM AT SPREADING KNOWLEDGE THROUGH THIS APP.

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