Surah Yusuf

Description of Surah Yusuf Sūrat Yūsuf (يوسف‎) is the 12th surah of the Quran. It is said to have been revealed in a single sitting, being unique in this respect. The text narrates the story of Yusuf (the biblical Joseph). It is a Makki Surah revealed towards the end of the Makkan period, about a year or two before the Hijrah. This Surah has 111 ayat in 12 sections.The basic theme of the Surah is to emphasize that all Prophets were human beings and their messages were similar. They were also highly moral beings. This is the way all believers should be. The Introduction to the Sections•Prophet Yusuf's dream•Prophet Yusuf suffered the bad treatment of his stepbrothers.•Prophet Yusuf was sold in Egypt, his firmness in piety against the temptations•Prophet Yusuf in prison.•Prophet Yusuf preaches to the inmates.•The King's dream and Prophet Yusuf’s interpretation.•Prophet Yusuf was cleared of the false charges against his character. He became a high official in Egypt.•The famine in Palestine brought Prophet Yusuf's brothers to Egypt.•Prophet Yusuf meets his real brother•Prophet Yusuf disclosed his identity to his stepbrothers.•Prophet Jacob's family comes to Egypt. Prophet Yusuf honors his parents and forgives his brothers.•In the histories of the Prophets there are many lessons for us to learn and follow. e Prophets trusted in Allah and in the end Allah's plans did succeed.Features of the Best Islamic App:> Listen and Read Surah Maryam Recitation with translations in multiple languages like English, Urdu, Indonesia, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, French, Hindi, Italian, Malay, Spanish & Persian help users to understand the Quran message in their own local language > Easy Urdu and English translation of Surah> Feature to book mark any ayah> Verse By Verse complete user control> Listen, share or Bookmark any Verse> Repeat any verse to improve your learning skills> Customize the text color, font and size etc.> Go quickly to read and listen any ayah> Show/Hide Arabic, Urdu and English texts.> Excellent Readability> Nice Material graphics> Show/Hide Arabic, Urdu and English texts

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