World War 2: Tank Battles 3D

Description of World War 2: Tank Battles 3D Do you love war gaming?Welcome to the World War 2!World War 2: Tank Battles allows you to peak into the world of tanks that existed during the decade of the World War 2!The most peaceful town of your beloved country is under attack and has turned into a deadly warzone. An enemy tank recon unit has been sighted along the farmland. The civilians have been evacuated and a special artillery battalion of the army has been called in to counter the heat of the enemy who has advanced tanks and infantry troops and is expected to launch a heavy tank attack early in the morning according to the intelligence that your tank recon units have managed to gather.You are the praised war hero of this artillery unit, the commander of the best company of army tanks and are perfectly capable of countering the expected tank battles.The intelligence from your tank recon has been accurate as the attack began with twilight. After a week of continued assaults and furious infantry combat and hefty tank battles, you find yourself in trouble as the complete fleet under your command has fallen prey to the deadly enemy tank attacks and your tank remains as the sole survivor. Your armour is getting weaker and weaker due to the continuous infantry shooting and attacks from the enemy’s advanced army tanks. Adding to that, the enemy is brutal! He does not care about any collateral damage and has used its own troops as expendable resources to take out your fleet! You had been called in to defend your country but now, winning this tank war is not just a fight for your nation but a fight for your survival!Are you ready to sit in the army tank and be a part of a furious tank war in this war gaming simulator?Download World War 2: Tank Battles now and experience a world of tanks at firsthand in this amazing tank game!Key Features:- Perfect war gaming experience from the World War 2- User friendly and smooth controls- 3D graphics- Radar to detect enemy movement- Realistic tank artillery units- Auto aim- 10 amazing war missions- Addictive gameplay

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