Endless Run Pyramid Rush 2

Description of Endless Run Pyramid Rush 2 Endless Run Pyramid Rush 2Run in temple pyramid dungeon, can you get out of this maze?Endless Run Maze Escape is the most captivating arcade endless running game, which brings you excitement and thrill of a fantasy PRG action and outrunning experience. Now test your reflexes as you race through mysterious and dark palace. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles. Collect more coins to buy more power ups upgrade your skills to see how far you can run with this spitting Endless Run: Palace Escape!Endless Run: Palace Escape is brand-new endless running game that takes outrunning experience to new level for PRG style lovers. This game features amazing graphics, captivating gameplay, numerous rewards ahead. In Endless Run: Palace Escape, you play as a famous thief who stole precious treasure from palace. The king is really angry, so he sent demonic flying monster and soldiers to chase you for the treasure. Even if the mysterious palace is full of dangers, you will never give up escaping out of it.How to play Endless Run: Palace Escape:-To turn, swipe, your finger quick, light motion in the direction -Turn too slow and you will run off the palace-Jump over fire, gaps. Swipe quickly upward. This will give you a short, quick jump-Slide under fire, ropes and woods. Slide your finger in a quick light manner-Tilt your device to the left or right control the character to one side of the screen or the other. This is necessary if you wanna collect more coinsEndless Run: Palace Escape Features:-fantasy PRG action and outrunning gameplay-free endless running & flying experience-play as thief running through mysterious, dark palace-fly in hot air balloon-collect more coins and gems-the environment changes as you run or fly-test your reflexes-explore the dangerous mysterious palace world-mind-blowing HD graphics-different characters to choose from-collect more coins to upgrade skills and buy more power ups-new obstacles-endless running endless funDownload Endless Run Maze Escape and let’s see how far you can escape from this mysterious palace!

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