Moto Racing Extreme Rivals

Description of Moto Racing Extreme Rivals If you love to drive fast bikes and sprint across the highway weaving through traffic cars and trucks, leaving your challengers in the dust while having only the finish line in your target, then Moto Racing Extreme Rivals is the right choice for you.Moto racing extreme rivals presents the player with an option to choose his ride from 4 unique motorbikes with different properties and paint jobs. The player can then either drive in an open highway on the country side and enjoy the greenery and the scenery or drive in an urban area contested with fast moving traffic racing extreme rivals offers eye candy graphics and really easy to use and intuitive controls to take the enjoyment of the game to the maximum level.Test your driving skills in this bike racing mania and see if you are upto the task of completing the challenges of this game.

Download APK(30.96MB)

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