The Star Cruiser

Description of The Star Cruiser Also available for Desktop: is our first Game that use In App Products and Googles Leaderboard Services complete.We hope everything will work, but if not then don't blame us and open an support ticket, please.We will Fix ASAP!Unfortunaly we had have not enough People for Beta-Test above Features… Thanks !Important: Game might not run on every Device because of minimum Display Requirements!Blast your way through enemy ships and evade them, use unique firepower in this action packed space shooter! Then when the blasting is done, upgrade the systems of your Star Cruiser.Become an elite commander!Fast paced action loaded Gameplay!* 3 Different Difficult Settings* Each Enemy Type has its own Weapons to defeat you* Powerful Weapons that you can upgrade.* Fast Gameplay* Beautiful Graphics* Cool Visual Effects* Action loaded Music Tracks* Submit your High Scores to global Leaderboard and compete again other Player Gaming Skills.* NO Pay2Win!The Gameplay:Control your Ship movement through moving your Device!Every Stage Resources will be collected. With them you are able to upgrade your Star Cruiser.You are able to upgrade your Ship just through playing, or you could purchase additional Super Resources as you like.Visit us on Facebook.Join us! We'd love to chat and hear your feedback. Tell us what you'd like to see added or removed!Don't miss the chance just get it installed and have fun on your Phone which you will never forget.If you like our game Kindly take some time to rate it on Google Play Store. We will appreciate your feedbacks.

Download APK(65.65MB)

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