Zombie Hunt Deadly War

Description of Zombie Hunt Deadly War You have played many games on Zombie but you never played like this kind of Zombie Hunt Deadly War game. You killed many criminal than you can count. Now you are going to face the apocalypse and kill the zombies. It is never imagine that this will happen in this world. Fight for the survival for Human Being because this is a “Zombie Hunt Deadly War”. This virus has been spread like a wildfire and those who are effect from virus became the walking dead. Society has crumbled and government has lost the control. You are the only hope and you have to fight back for the human being. This is very tough game so it is on you to fight your way through 20 different levels scenes in this adventure to rescue our world. You have to use all your skills to stop the tide of zombies and clash your way to a final conquest!Zombie games were not so exciting and updated! You cannot hesitate to kill the zombie you can win or die in this game. You fighting action would be determined the result of this war against zombies. Save the dead civilians from zombies for becoming zombie food. You become the ultimate commando in a war against the zombie. Zombie knows no honor or duty, only hunger and wants to eat you and other dead civilians. You have only option to kill the Zombies when you are walking among the dead zombies. Shoot the Zombie with no mercy who have only target to kill and eat your brain and heart. In this Zombie Hunt Deadly War game; there are amazing 20 different horror environments. Each and every level is interesting because in starting level you will face few zombies but with the passage of time quantities of Zombies will be increase and it gets harder and strong. They are more sharp and powerful they will attack on you will quickly and harder when you comes to them. You have to kill them by protecting yourself. Many amazing guns and pistols are available for killing the zombies. You will choose the gun according to your desired. Each and every gun has different capacity for killing the zombie you don’t need to second shot from shotgun , sniper just Aim and kill the zombies. This game has widespread selection of guns i.e. AK 47, Shotgun, Sniper, MP-5, M4-Gun, Pistols and Katana Sword. Realistic graphic and horror sound with modern technology allows this game look stunning on all mobile phones. Unlock all guns and handle powerful kind of foes. You can renew your health with first-aid kits. You can download this Zombie game from play store for free and start killing the zombies. Enjoy news on game updates, features views and video tips for free!Key Features:Breathtaking graphicsAmazing environment and realistic effectsMovie quality sound effect8 amazing weapons and smooth controlling20 Horror Environment 10 classical levels2 fantastic environmentPerfect sound effectsIf you have any curry about this game or anything you would like to share with us then contact or email us. We are always here to help you out.Thank you for your support.

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