Beastley Overload

Description of Beastley Overload The Zombie Apocalypse just started. You play as Tyron, a convict who escaped from an infected prison and now tries to escape from the city. However on his attempt to escape he finds himself trapped and surrounded by the infected population of the city. He is the last survivor and the only one who can clean up the whole infected city. Will he make it?Zombie Horde. Survive as much as you can from the approaching Zombie Horde. Kill as many zombies as you can while upgrading the specs of your weapon by making it more efficient, powerful and faster. The Zombie Horde keeps growing and growing and the zombies become more furious so recolect more ammo and assist yourself with items that will randomly appear during gameplay. If a zombie approaches push him back!ITEMS:- Ammo Gives you more ammunition for your weapon.- Flare Distracts the Zombies on a limited range.- Grenade Kills to bucnh of them.- Flesh Distracts the zombies until they finish eating it.- Super Speed Slows down everything.- Circle Of Death Kill all the zombies around you.This is a marathon game for now. Beastley Overload is an indie game in current development and improvement to become more fun, interactive, complex, optimum and of course, more fun. Multiple guns, money system and more content coming soon. Enjoy the game!DEVELOPER:I'm a Bolivian game developer. My name is Jordi Ugarte and I'm currently developing more games and apps for Android and soon for IPhone. To keep up with date with more info about updates and details about my projects you can follow me on Twitter and also I'm always available to respond emails:Twitter: digistring@gmail.comz

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