Paddle Ship

Description of Paddle Ship Arcade physics keep the action fast Use the Paddle Ship space paddle to deflect the ball at blocks to recover hidden coins and cubes. Test your Thumb-Eye coordination Touch to grab the paddle control and drag it around within the control area. Paddle resets if you let go or leave the control area. Collect All Coins and Cubes 9 Worlds of 16 Levels each, with 3 Coins per level. An additional 100 cubes are hidden among the 144 levels. Nothing casual about paddle ball at 120 FPS* – Levels advance by collecting 3 coins or losing 3 balls. Go back later to collect any coins or cubes you may have missed. – Unlock the Gamma Glasses to see which levels have hidden cubes. – Use the Restart Ball button to your advantage! New Mode – 1 Ball Challenge Start with 1 ball. Collect any 1 coin or cube per level. A cube fills the extra ball slot. How many levels can you get through? Be #1 on the World Top Highscore Leaderboard Paddle Ship is a free to play action paddle game and is supported by fully optional reward based advertisements. An in-app purchase can be made to remove all ads and also triggers all rewards to be given automatically when applicable. Music was sampled and mixed specifically for this game by conspirio from their track “innerspaceship” : Privacy Policy : Terms of Use : If you read all of that follow me on Twitter : *120 fps supported on devices with 120 Hz screen refresh rate

Download APK(13.85MB)

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