War of Heroes: 2D Multiplayer Online Battle

Description of War of Heroes: 2D Multiplayer Online Battle The heroes of this platformer arcade jumper are on a mission to fight and win as many battles as possible. War of Heroes is one of those multiplayer platform games that require your best fighting skills, your best choice of weapons and your will to have hours of fun! Start the war of heroes today, and try to become the ultimate hero that will win all battles! ⚔ ?️⚔2D RETRO PLATFORMER WITH 2 GAME MODES ?In this 2D platformer, each player is able to choose between 2 different game modes: Singleplayer and Multiplayer game mode. Whatever you choose, you will be able to play and fight against another opponent. Show your skills and always try to outplay your opponents.?️ DIFFERENT HEROES, WEAPONS & UPGRADES⚔️War of Heroes is a classic multiplayer platform game that features 24 different and awesome heroes for you to choose from, 7 cool weapon types (axe, bow, dagger, hammer, mace, staff, and sword) that you can use in your battles and tons of upgrades that can help you get better in this gameplay. Just enter the shop, buy or upgrade whatever you like. ⚔AMAZING WARRIOR SKILLS, MAPS & AVATARS ?Each of the game’s integrated characters and warriors has different skills and different buff skills according to their weapon types. You can play through 8 carefully designed maps, login with a username and a password or with your Facebook account. Plus, there are 36 different avatars, but you can use your Facebook avatar as well. ? LEADERBOARDS, ACHIEVEMENTS & LANGUAGE SUPPORTWith the game’s online leaderboard, players can enjoy competing with other users from all over the world and check their high scores to see where they stand on a global scale. With 6 battle achievements and supporting 3 languages (English, Turkish and Spanish), this multiplayer platform game is perfect for any age.? HOW TO PLAY?⚔Login, choose your character, choose a game mode and tap play. Use the screen’s controls in order to run, jump and fight your opponent and try to make higher scores. Even if you don’t know how to play or if you want to understand the features better, this 2D platformer offers a detailed guide for its users. ⚔WAR OF HEROES STANDOUT FEATURES ? ✅ Beautifully designed 2D retro graphics✅ Easy controls and neat UI✅  24 awesome heroes✅ 7 different weapon types (axe, bow, dagger, hammer, mace, staff, sword and they are upgradeable)✅  Different skills for each hero✅  Different buff skills according to weapon types✅  8 carefully designed maps✅  Single player and Multiplayer game modes✅ 36 different avatars (FB avatar can be used if player logged in with Facebook)✅  6 different achievements✅  Top 100 leaderboard✅  Supports English, Turkish and Spanish languages✅  An online shop for items and upgrades✅  Login with username and password or with FB account✅  Can be played on both phones and tablets ——————————————— War of Heroes is a 2D multiplayer platform game that can provide you with hours of entertainment and challenges!Start your fighting game adventure today!

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