Description of Zone4M ## Patch List ## [Event] ■ Water Festival Event. – Event period: April 13/Tue (after MT) ~ May 18/Tue (before MT) – Able to check more information in the game at the event notice ■ Valentine’s Event. – Valentine-related crafting items have been excluded from the crafting category. ■ New Morph Season 1 Release – Season 1 Morph: Battle Maid Rosé Card / Battle Maid Rosé (Mage) Card / Red Queen Lilith Card – Season 1 Package Sell Period: April 13/Tue (after MT) ~ May 18/Tue (before MT) ※ Regardless of the season’s sales period, the Morph can get at random by summoning the “Summon Shop”. [Add New Morph] ■ 8 new Morphs have been added. [Cash Shop] ■ Added New Package – Battle Maid Rosé Card / Battle Maid Rosé (Mage) Card – Red Queen Lilith Card – Diamond L Package / Diamond M Package / Diamond S Package – +5 Face Shield Package / +5 Black Mask Package / +5 Gas Mask Package / +5 Army Gas Mask Package – Floria’s Blessings Package (1/month) ■ Adjusted Cash Shop Sell Products – The cash shop sell product line has been adjusted due to the released season. – Added new products and progressing products have been changed. – Some unpopular products have been deleted. [Added Decompose System] ■ What is Decompose System? – It is a system that can get a certain amount of radioactivity by decomposing equipment items · The radioactivity was used as a crafting material for the “Prevent Destroy Data Chip” – Able to check the decompose system in the bottom menu of the bag [Added Enhance Prevent Destroy System] ■ What is Enhance Prevent Destroy? – This system can prevent item destruction if the item enhances fail. – To prevent destruction, a “Prevent Destroy Data Chip” is required. · Able to find Prevent Destroy Data Chip from Craft List [Crafting > Etc. > Enhance]. [Upgraded Map Quality] – Some maps have been modified mood and quality-upgraded. · Brawny Village, Central Park, Ruin Village, Crossroad, Grassland Expressway, Westen Mine [Added Summon Shop] ■ A new shop has been added that can summon Morph and Fairy – Morph and Fairy can no longer be purchased through the cash shop [Balance Adjustment] ■ Equipment Balance Adjustment – The balance of equipment items such as weapons, armor, and accessories has been modified in a group. – Weapon sword and dagger have been changed to common job wear. – All armor has been changed to common job wear. – Equipment item weight has been adjusted to lower by 50%. – The item composition and probability of the General and Untradeable High Equipment Box have adjusted according to the balance adjustment. – The equipment craft list has adjusted due to balance adjustment – The enhances of antique items has been adjusted · Antique items can be enhanced with all kinds of enhance chip · The probability of an antique item does not change depending on the enhance chip, and the probability of the antiques’ own enhance is applied. ■ Morph Balance Adjustment – The Morph Balance of general, rare, hero, and legend has been adjusted by the group ■ Monster Balance Adjustment – Field, Special Dungeon’s monster balance has been lowered. – Boss monster’s balance has been lowered. ■ The Selling Price of Enhance Chips Adjustment – The selling price of weapons, armor, and accessories enhance chip has been lowered ■ Quest Balance Adjustment – Probabilistic Mission Quest acquisition probability has been raised [Achievement] ■ Added New Achievement – New friend support achievements have been added. · Support the right equipment for your job through achievements when you level up your character · When level up to 40 Lv, the Hero Morph will be inserted [ Zone4 Community ] Homepage: Facebook:

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