Dream City Living: Free Version

Description of Dream City Living: Free Version Reboot Game in 2023 As part of Dream City Universe Third Phase, DC Anthology: Apocalypse will receive a reboot in 2023. Save progress from current version will not be compatible as the reboot will have new story, character, game mechanics and data structure. As it stands now, you can complete the game with bad ending (give document to Ryuku). The upcoming reboot game will be part of Dark Apocalypse trilogy as Dark Psyche mythology will be introduced for the first time. DC Anthology: Apocalypse contains Apocalypse story content which puts you in the role of the Seeker. Discover the conspiracy behind the strange event, help to find the cure for the infected and be ready to outsmart the hidden menace raising his armies to bring the world into the Dark Apocalypse. Apocalypse Story Contents * plenty of interesting and recurring tasks given by many characters which rewards money and improve relationship * 4 career paths (ad agency executive, lawyer, fashion designer or model) * job promotion (starts from low-level position and get promoted to higher positions) * plenty of part-time jobs at the restaurants and the port * scavenge trash bins to recycle items to sell * gain skill points by performing a job or attending class * 40 places to explore (4 home type, 8 work places, 7 restaurants, 6 schools, 5 shops, 4 leisure facilities and 5 recreational facilities) * upgrade home with plenty of furniture * robust inventory system which allows to store and cook many food items * 4 different vehicles to own (scooter, small car, sedan car and luxury car) * fight normal enemies (gangster, street thug, drug addict and gym trainer) and special enemies (angry person, agent and varieties of the infected) Technical Issues If you have technical issues or any problem about the game, please contact us through e-mail address that you can find on this page. Please don’t use review section to post questions as we’re no longer reply to reviews.

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