Zombies Carnage

Description of Zombies Carnage After a series of unexplained explosions in several nuclear power plants, a horde of zombies is spreading everywhere on Earth. No defense can stop them, they break on the cities like a tsunami destroying all life in their path.Alone in the middle of an almost deserted parking lot, mounted on the roof of an old yellow school bus, a man stands proudly equipped with some weapons. He is not quite alone because another man monitors from a billboard on the edge of the parking lot. In the distance, the zombies are coming …This courageous man, it is you and you have to save humanity from the invasion by making a zombies carnage. You are the zombie killer, you are the last hope of the survivors, it's you vs. zombies, you can not fail!———————————————————————-Use up to 14 different weapons to exterminate those damn undead with the help of Bob, the guy on top of the billboard. This game is a mix of battle ships and minesweeper with zombies, weapons and a scenario.Bob is always working on new weapons for you, he has a sniper rifle, a drone with night vision, a bow with explosive arrows, a crossbow, an explosive jerrycan and even a pickup to crush all the zombies on the way.

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