Chess Queen and Pawn Problem

Description of Chess Queen and Pawn Problem ENJOY THE BEAUTY OF SIMPLICITY !!!CHESS NINE QUEENS PROBLEM OR PUZZLE Puzzle is to place nine (9) queens on a chess board using minimal number of pawns as shields or covers.This game is a chess problem based on queens and pawns.Your task is to place nine (9) queens using pawns (using pawns as shield or cover) on a chess board in such a way so that queens can't attack each other.Placement will be such that queens cannot attack other queens i.e. queens will have to be placed in non attacking mode.You will win if you can achieve the configuration.Pawns are used only for shielding or covering purpose.Try to place 9 queens on the board using only 3, 2 or 1 Pawn(s).*** Try to place 9 queens on the chess board (in non attacking mode) in as many possible ways as you can and you can use as many pawns as you wish to guard the queens.*** Challenge is to use minimum number of pawns (i.e 1, 2 or 3 pawns).Queens and pawns follow the standard chess rules.Last moved piece (Queen or Pawn) is represented by red boundary.Queen button is to place queen on the board.Pawn button is to place pawn on the board.By default Queen is selected at game startup.Undo button reverts back the last move.Clear button clears the chess board.This game will enhance your imaginative skills and chess tactics.This game is completely FREE and it contains no ADS or IN-APP purchase.If there is any bug please let me know through emails.

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