Game Trap

Description of Game Trap Game Trap is a puzzle-game platformer in which you can modify gravity to help your character find the best path. But that will cause traps to appear on your way… until you pray for Kaltulah !Kaltulah, the god of games, trapped you and your tribe into his world, to observe you play his little game.To free your friends and get out of there, you will have to play around with the rules of your god and think carefully how to get what you want without making him mad.Kaltulah expresses his feelings depending on what you do.***This game has been made by a team of 14 students in Gamagora (Lyon, France) in 3 months only*****With the voice of Benoît Allemane!**Keep in mind that the initial targeted device was tablet so Game Trap may work on your smartphone but we can't guarantee you an optimal experience.

Download APK(45.93MB)

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