Description of Oh my GHOST Oh my G.H.O.S.T. is an amazing splashing out puzzle game: a ghost saga involving field trips in places of mystery.No more jelly, candy, gem, jewel, diamond, fruit, bubble shooter, balls, pet rescuing or cookie’s blitz: this story is about professional haunting as part of an intensive summer camp program of the world’s most renowned institute: Chambers Academy of Haunting.Although Oh my G.H.O.S.T. is a match3 type of game, you only need to connect at least two ghosts in a line in order to clear the relevant tiles. Try to complete each level’s goal using the minimum amount of moves. Objects like blocks, cracked bricks, gummy jam or chains are making your quests tougher as the story unfolds. The more stars you win, the higher your score!The story begins with our sweet heroes, Gale, Heather, Olivia, Sid and Tony who lack the dedication to match the progress of their fellow course mates. They will travel along your side in an adventure in forgotten realms back in time and all sorts of seasons and places where myths and legends thrived throughout history.Gale is sweet like yummy cream but extremely shy to break the ice; sorry is the only word that can pop out of her mouth in her defense. Heather has a passion for virtual haunting and bounces around indifferently like a bee in springtime. It’s not spring fever, though; Tony could be a brilliant student, yet he is frozen at the encounter of anything supernatural. Sid seems like a looney: he’d rather be a pirate in a galaxy battle than twist his way through the camp’s rules. Unfortunately he can’t escape his fate! Olivia is bubbly and sociable. She has a crush on Tony and usually jumps up to him to form a team. It’s a secret, so don’t boo around! Tony may fall for her too!Matching ghosts like dots of the same color in different shapes will give you super ghosts, the blaster busters!The StripiesStripies’ mania is to draw lines in 2 versions: horizontal or vertical. Once used they really do cross the line!The Musketeers They have a splash logo in their bodies to be distinguished. Match a musketeer with a neighbor ghost and the explosion will clear everything within 2 spaces.The Color BlastsThe ultimate combo! A sonic boom is generated, clearing all buddies with the same color.Your goal is to become a master haunter!This adventurous tour is consisted of the following packs:1.Pyramid AtlantisTony should make it out of the king Pharaoh’s room where no light has ever been seen! Any passing shade seems suspicious!2.Stonehenge TempleIt looks like a prehistoric maze and is related to burial rituals. Bone mash is laid all around. A folk tale has it that the stones cannot be counted. Can you count them? It can be a goose egg!3.Easter Island White BeachHuge stone heads among indigenous plants. Little do we know about how they got to that location, as no logic can explain how they were moved.4.Incas Farm & Nazca PlainsCircles, lines and abstract geometric shapes on the ground, only visible if you fly above them. Some of these ancient geoglyphs have zoomorphic designs. Can you figure them out?5.Lochness BeastThe perfect spot to take pics of Nessie, even though she’s always hidden. Watch out for the monster’s claws not to touch you!6.Area 51 CityAvoid the midnight dash in this area while you never know what lies there: you may bump into witches that offer poisonous food in the air-control tower. Sid however, like a real pro, will go ahead like it was lunch time.Features:-Premium graphics and cute characters-Mini videos with interesting trivia to find out across new levels-Competition with friends for the highest score-Endless fun with boosters, power ups and extra lives to keep you going-6 addictive packs full of adventure-Social features & prizes-Deluxe edition: free to download, optional payments available Play now the ultimate matching game and enjoy a lite journey into the spookiest places on earth! The cute and happy ghosts, will surely charm you!

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