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Description of Step by Step Salat – Prayer the Islamic Education

To contribute in Salat (prayer) learning process of your kids, we’ve introduced Step by Step Salat app for them. This app has everything that a kid must learn about how to perform prayer.

App consists of 6 main features which offers a complete Sharai teachings about the process of Wudu, steps of learning Salat with method of postures, information about Rakat and also the teachings of Wajibat and Fraiz of Salat. Here’s all about this app that how you can get benefit from it.

– Azan
– Wudu Steps
– Wudu Instructions
– Salat Steps
– Rakat Table
– Wajibat and Fraiz

How to use?

Azan: Listen and recite Azan in this feature which also helps in learning it by heart. It has pronunciation guide and translation in English.

Wudu Steps: This feature has 10 steps of Wudu according to Islamic Shariah. In it, following steps with images offer you to tap on every image and get into further detail of performing each step.

– Making Niyyah (Intention)
– Washing Hands
– Washing Mouth
– Washing Nose
– Washing Face
– Washing Arms
– Washing Head
– Washing Ears
– Washing Feet
– Reciting Kalma Shahadat

Wudu Instructions: This commendable feature refers the instruction which must be followed before one starts taking Wudu. The instructions are listed by ensuring the reference of Islamic teachings on their behalf.

Salat Steps: Another detailed and helpful feature for all the kids to learn and practice the proper procedure of prayer. Salat steps has following points to be learnt for offering prayer:

– Perform Takbiratul Ihram
– Perform Qayyam
– Ruku
– Qayyam
– Sajdah
– Tashhud
– Quood
– Dua
– Salam

All these 9 steps have complete instructions with image, pronunciation and translation of Arabic verses/tasbih.

Rakat Table: In this feature, 5 prayers have been mentioned with the distribution of Rakat that which Prayer (Namaz) has how many Farz, Sunnat, Nafil and Vitar. This information is mentioned in a form of table.

Wajibat and Fraiz: This feature differentiates and let users learn about which are the Wajibat and which are the Faraiz in prayer.

You can download this useful and beneficial islamic app for kids for free.

Download APK(26.36 Mb)

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